Flight Movie Review: Mohit Chadda’s survival thriller can be boarded just once

Flight Movie Review: Mohit Chadda starrer Flight finally hit the theatres on April 2 after being delayed from its initial release date on March 19. 

The 'Flight' trailer had left an impressive mark and netizens who caught one of the very first screenings of the film on its opening day, shared their reaction on the internet. The movie has been garnering positive reviews so far.

Flight Movie

Director & Producer: Suraj Joshi

Producer: K. Chadda, Babita Ashiwal

Actors: Pavan Malhotra, Zakir Hussain, Vivek Vaswani, Shibani Bedi

Flight Movie Storyline

Multi-millionaire Ranveer Malhotra (Mohit Chadha) of Adityaraj Aviationsis dealing with a massive public relations (PR) crisis and just when the business tycoon is ready to take responsibility for the Himalayan blunder, he goes missing.

‘Flight’ is about an elaborate scam behind cheap, low-quality aviation parts that a certain company is providing to the industry insiders and also, how greed gets the better of human emotions.

Movie Review

Ranveer Malhotra is suave and a tad bit filmy, yet, in the beginning, you are charmed by his big persona because he flies in private jets, downs expensive alcohol and is a smooth-talking businessman donning sharp suits. But it gets repetitive and annoying after a while; he jokes about all things moving at a time when a plane crash has just killed 70 odd people, which was an offshoot of a major swindle engineered by his own employees.

No, that is not funny and only comes off as insensitive and takes away from the seriousness of the plot. If that was the intent at all; the seriousness we mean.

Needless to say, the diegesis revolves the protagonist who is obsessed with Bollywood films— Shah Rukh’s boyish appeal and Amitabh Bachchan’s deep-set voice seem to resonate with him the most—which leave very little to no room for the plotline to grow in a certain direction, tread on with logic or even render credibility to it in any way.

Awesome movie. Entertaining and The leading actor did an amazing job plus all the actors in the film. Waiting for flight 2. Can’t wait to watch the next all series.

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